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Righteous Among The Nations

I often walk the dog in Mary Stevens Park, in Stourbridge, and walk through the grand, now-restored gates. This morning though, it was a plaque on the wall to the right of the gates that caught my eye. There’s a … Continue reading

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A Black Country Brexit

I was going to post another bit about the navvies of Elan Valley today, but it seems a bit strange to be discussing late-Victorian municipal water schemes when we’re living through Actual History as we speak. The fall-out from the EU … Continue reading

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Don’t read below the line

Controversy de la semaine around these parts comes in the wake of the increasingly-popular Black Country Festival. This sort of thing is a great idea – fostering a bit of community spirit can only be good for morale amongst a particularly under-employed, … Continue reading

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First as tragedy, then as farce

History can be a depressing mistress sometimes. Most people will be familiar with an expression attributed to Marx, that history repeats itself “the first as tragedy, the second as farce.” In fact, Marx was quoting Hegel and referring specifically to “great world-historic … Continue reading

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