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Righteous Among The Nations

I often walk the dog in Mary Stevens Park, in Stourbridge, and walk through the grand, now-restored gates. This morning though, it was a plaque on the wall to the right of the gates that caught my eye. There’s a … Continue reading

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The good death of Lawrence Britcliffe: reflective microhistory

This is a summary of the last five posts on the life and death of Lawrence Britcliffe of Cliviger, Lancashire. You can read about the sources and inspiration for these posts here; about Lawrence’s birth, life and religious trials here; … Continue reading

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Just a quick one to say a massive thank you to everyone that came out on a bright – but chilly – Saturday to have a walk around one of the less glamorous parts of Wolverhampton this weekend. Thanks too to … Continue reading

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“Broke… alone… in love with a pigeon”

No Black Country history this week I’m afraid, more like a sideline that I’ve been exploring… #storypast I’m currently making notes for my first ever paper at an academic conference, in just under four weeks time. It’s not a full, 20-minute … Continue reading

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“Slums” of the Black Country: Waste Bank, Lye

The South Staffordshire coalfield defines the Black Country for many purposes, but as a culturally-defined region, its borders are highly porous. Wolverhampton is in or out, depending on who you ask; Walsall preferred to be out, at least in 1866. The … Continue reading

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“History breaks down into images not into stories”

On the night of 25th September 1940, a middle-aged German-Jewish academic took his own life with an overdose of morphine in the Hotel de Francia, Portbou, on the Spanish side of the Pyrennean border. He’d been hoping to flee to … Continue reading

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On unexpected events

Over the summer, my time has mostly been taken up preparing for a talk I was asked to give at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on my research. (I say most of my time – note to my supervisor, I’ve been at … Continue reading

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Don’t read below the line

Controversy de la semaine around these parts comes in the wake of the increasingly-popular Black Country Festival. This sort of thing is a great idea – fostering a bit of community spirit can only be good for morale amongst a particularly under-employed, … Continue reading

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Dead ends and back alleys

Just a short one today as I’m in the midst of a massive trawl through several decades’ worth of census enumerators returns. I’m writing this from my local library, from where I can work on their computers (for free) (albeit … Continue reading

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Land of my fathers

I’ve been reading Henri Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis lately. I’m no expert on continental philosophy or cultural theory really, so I’ve enjoyed this – it’s light and possible to read in an impressionistic sort of way, glossing over all the Bachelards and Nietzsches, the … Continue reading

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