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That particular articulation of social relations which we are at the moment naming as… Doulton Brook

A break from the Irish this week. I’ve been mostly reading Doreen Massey this week – if you’re not familiar with her she’s an urban geographer of major importance, who died earlier in the year (2016 striking again). She was … Continue reading

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Black Country Irish: Red-headed Kilcoign

Irish Rows If there’s one thing you learn researching the Irish in the Victorian city, it’s that 19th century newspaper editors love an Irish Row. Roger Swift wrote whole papers about the policing of Irish rows in Wolverhampton, but it’s … Continue reading

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“Slums” of the Black Country: Waste Bank, Lye

The South Staffordshire coalfield defines the Black Country for many purposes, but as a culturally-defined region, its borders are highly porous. Wolverhampton is in or out, depending on who you ask; Walsall preferred to be out, at least in 1866. The … Continue reading

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Observatory Mansions – a history of a bedsit

As a geography student at Kings College London, it’s difficult to get very far without studying gentrification. It’s a huge topic, worthy of a post in itself, but suffice to say the economic drivers that push social change like gentrification … Continue reading

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Empty space

Warning again: I’m going to be talking Black Country history a little further down, but I’ve been interested in what maps do and don’t show, so the preamble is a bit… vague and theoretical. Maps are complex beasts. They show what … Continue reading

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Maps, tower blocks, and tower block maps

I mentioned the other day about the fun you can have tracing old features like canals onto modern maps. The vice versa is true as well of course, and I’ve been playing with some olde maps of Stourbridge to demonstrate. Although … Continue reading

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Wordsley glass

The map of the Stour Valley in 1750 posted by Distinctly Black Country last week is another excellent example of the differentiation between BC towns that made it such a distinctive environment (compared to say, Burnley, which like the rest of the … Continue reading

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Stourbridge towers

In the Block Capital project, we’re looking at a number of specific tower blocks in the Black Country, in Bilston, Willenhall, Darlaston, Wednesbury and Tipton. But these number just 20 of the 276 blocks that were built by the various … Continue reading

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Stourbridge ring road

Having tackled Brum and Wolverhampton, it only makes sense for me to read up about my local ring road, the tight little three-lane collar around Stourbridge Town Centre. Maybe all the fun stuff about the previous two is buried in … Continue reading

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Crystal Canal Walk

Proving that local newspapers aren’t as much a waste of paper as previously thought, this week’s Express & Star-syndicated local in Stourbridge mentioned the new audio trail prepared by Graham Fisher along the Stourbridge Canal Town Arm (as seen previously). … Continue reading

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