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Clay miles: Henry Doulton in the Black Country

On the North Worcestershire Path, not far from Iverley, there is a broken water pipe lying to one side of the track. It’s a bit forlorn, but clearly a very nice thing: it’s glazed, and the makers have taken the trouble … Continue reading

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Birmingham’s furthest outpost: Michel de Certeau and the strategies of Elan Village’s builders

 I was very fortunate recently to get to camp in one of the most beautiful spots in the country, in the Elan Valley, Powys. It’s among the most sparsely-populated parts of the UK, falling within what John Henry Cliffe described as … Continue reading

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Foucault in Northfield: Birmingham’s reformed pubs

As I mentioned recently, apparently historians love pubs more than anything. I was particularly intrigued by a discussion with Nathan Booth at the Urban History conference in Cambridge about the internal layout of pubs in his recently-completed thesis on Stalybridge … Continue reading

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Fox News Facts

Last night was a fun night for a midlander to be on Twitter. Footage emerged showing Steven Emerson, noted US terrorism theorist, describing Birmingham as “entirely Muslim” and “a no-go are for non-Muslims”. This of course came as news to the … Continue reading

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More miles of canal than Venice

When talking about their home town, West Midlanders are some of the most self-deprecating folk you’ll meet; try putting a Brummie up against a Scouser in a bragging contest and you’ll see what I mean. But there’s one thing guaranteed … Continue reading

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Ring Roads

For some reason, I spent most of yesterday thinking ring roads. Specifically, the Birmingham Queensway system that no longer exists. As a geographer, town planning sits very much inside my sphere of reference, and this is a famous example of … Continue reading

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Selly Oak, W&B and Dudley No.2

In my defence, I’ve been very busy at work and am not all there in the concentration stakes. Last night I reached Rodizio Rico (Mailbox) after trekking across town (University-New Street-Snow Hill), only to realise that I’d left our tickets … Continue reading

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Heritage Open Weekend

I’ll be a busy boy this weekend, for many and various reasons (not least very amateur plumbing), but I’ll hope to make time for some of the Heritage Open Days. I’m particularly interested to finally go and see the Back-to-Backs … Continue reading

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